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Another gift from my father...

2008-01-03 16:39:25 by MashedPotatoJohnson

He bought the CREATIVE sound card along with the sound panel, which should probably increase my sound quality. The panel has three different settings for audio output: Entertainment, Audio Creation, and Gaming. There's even an EQ with different genre settings (Jazz, Classical, Rock, etc.) and -- wait for it -- EAX Effects! I can have settings for an amphitheater, jazz club, hallway, and a few others. It's a lot of fun to toy around with, and I recommend looking into it.

On a lesser note, it came with the F.E.A.R. demo. If you love getting the bejesus scared out of you while going on a one-man battle against an entire platoon of genetically enhanced soldiers, be my guest. But that game just isn't for me.


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