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I'm leaving Newgrounds...

2008-02-28 20:52:31 by MashedPotatoJohnson

I've gotten very little criticism at all. Most of the viewers simply rate it (usually a low score) and don't explain why. Even if you think my music is absolute crap, EXPLAIN why it's absolute crap. Flame me if you must. It atleast shows me that people are actually listening to my music.

I'll consider keeping the music that I've already posted. Sorry to anyone who enjoyed my music, but you can still view it on my other sites. Thanks for those who did help.



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2008-02-28 21:17:18

Your music sounds like something from a video game boss battle. Not completely bad.


2008-02-28 21:33:14

Dude don't quit, Just make more and the people will have to love ya stuff.