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A late Christmas gift, I suppose...

2007-12-28 18:03:14 by MashedPotatoJohnson

I'll probably be using headphones less often, because my dad bought a new set of speakers. It feels good to actually feel the bass flowing through the floor! My dad also plans on buying a new sound card. This might improve the quality of my audio, and/or convince me to make it more bass heavy...

I like the sound of that.

Time to actually use this account...

2007-12-28 15:46:56 by MashedPotatoJohnson

I primarily used this to get in touch with other members of this site, but I'm actually going to start using this for my music, which is made with FL Studio (Producer's Edition). I'm working on two files at the moment.

If anyone is interested, I have quite a medley of music planned: Metal, hardcore techno, Latin, hip-hop, and untraditional.

If you want to comment on my stuff, my biggest pet peeve is chatspeak/1337. Type intelligently.

If you're looking on any other music-hosting sites, my artist name is "Nikolaos The Dark," because Nikolaos is the root name of my real name (Nick) and I'm black. Simple enough?

Thank you for swallowing. Nos vemos.