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MashedPotatoJohnson's News

I compose hardcore electronica. Since I noticed a lack of necessary criticism towards my submissions here, I no longer submit any music at this website. You can, however, still find my music at the following URL's: TheDark

Enjoy my music.

I'm still here...

2008-03-17 18:27:53 by MashedPotatoJohnson

I just won't be submitting anymore songs. You may catch me making comments every now and then.

I've gotten very little criticism at all. Most of the viewers simply rate it (usually a low score) and don't explain why. Even if you think my music is absolute crap, EXPLAIN why it's absolute crap. Flame me if you must. It atleast shows me that people are actually listening to my music.

I'll consider keeping the music that I've already posted. Sorry to anyone who enjoyed my music, but you can still view it on my other sites. Thanks for those who did help.

-NTD you should expect better quality from now on. I'm also fooling around with 3xOsc's, so expect a few less-than-hardcore tracks from me.

My future looks very bright.


I'm working on getting my songs remastered. I just worked on Hell's Foundry with no EQ problems and just uploaded it on my Myspace. I'll see about getting the rest of these songs remastered this week if time allows. I definitely have enough time on Friday evening, seeing how I have driver's ed off that day.

Jumpstyle is forever, my friends.



2008-02-02 23:50:32 by MashedPotatoJohnson

Considering the fact that Newgrounds is supposed to be my library for remixes, I'm noticing a massive decline in my remix queue. I might actually start having to release compositions here....That's not necessarily a bad thing, it's just not what I had in mind.

I don't know. If there's some song that hasn't been remixed a billion times and you would like to hear my version of it, go ahead and contact me.

A side-project...

2008-01-18 23:32:51 by MashedPotatoJohnson

Over on my Myspace is a break that my Pre-AP English II teacher asked for. It's not much, but I thought that it was still worth the upload. It gives me a bit of a break from the composition queue, anyway...

Also, for any Newgrounds members that have a Myspace account and atleast seem intelligent, I'm basically open to friend requests, especially artists. I get a warm feeling when I spread the name of freelance/indie artists = 3.

Go to my Myspace, comment, etc.

Since you can edit Myspace's settings to where you can't download songs, I've decided to hold some of my album exclusives there for your listening pleasure (but you can't download them legally) and keep my remixes here.


Visit, comment, etc.

I've got some homework to be easily sidetracked from. I'm probably going to forget about Geometry, it's not looking very appealing at the moment.


He bought the CREATIVE sound card along with the sound panel, which should probably increase my sound quality. The panel has three different settings for audio output: Entertainment, Audio Creation, and Gaming. There's even an EQ with different genre settings (Jazz, Classical, Rock, etc.) and -- wait for it -- EAX Effects! I can have settings for an amphitheater, jazz club, hallway, and a few others. It's a lot of fun to toy around with, and I recommend looking into it.

On a lesser note, it came with the F.E.A.R. demo. If you love getting the bejesus scared out of you while going on a one-man battle against an entire platoon of genetically enhanced soldiers, be my guest. But that game just isn't for me.